Capturing an image is only the beginning of the process. Once captured, we process the image and then digitally retouch and enhance it. This process can bring out details, enhance colors, and clean up flaws. Essentially, we can take a great image and make it a fantastic one!

Case Study - St. Rocco's Church, Glen Cove

A tight deadline for a needed photograph of the exterior of St. Roccos Church in Glen Cove, NY meant that waiting for a perfect sunny day to come along with just the right light on the front of the building wasn't possible. The narrow street the church is located on posed challenges to capture the entire building. A banner, paint and other cosmetic flaws detracted from the true beauty of the church. 

Here's what went into the optimizng of this image:

  • Photographed on a overcast day.
  • A blue cloudy sky added. Clouds were positioned to hightlight cross on steeple.
  • Color and detail was enhanced on building to bring out the beatiful color and texture of the stone construction.
  • The church is located on a narrow street necessitating the use of a wide-angle lens to capture the entire building. The distortion was corrected to create straight lines to the building.
  • A banner above door was removed.
  • Yellow paint on steps was removed.
  • Areas of brick needing repair (pointing) were retouched for cosmetics.
StRoccos-Before-Illustrated StRoccos-After

Case Study - Long Beach Waterfront

Another photo captured under less than ideal circumstances and brought to life through the magic of digital image enhancement.

Image enhancing technology-2
Image enhancing technology