Custom Albums

Our albums handmade here on Long Island by one of finest album manufacturer. They are among the finest albums available. The pages of each album are stitched into the binding.

We feature reversible style albums. You don't have to turn the album to view images. You can have a horizontal print on one side and a vertical print on the opposite page.

Our most popular albums have either 12" x 12" pages to hold up to an 8" x 10" print or 8" x 8" pages to hold up to 5" x 7" prints. Any page may contain multiple images.

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 All of our albums can have silver, gold, or no gilding around the edges.

You may choose to have one or two lines embossed in the lower right corner. Custome lines are also available in the center. Embossing may be either plain or italic. Your embossing may be in gold or silver. You may have the embossing plain, without a color. 



Mounted Albums

Each page in a mounted album have a mat, it is cut to reveal a silver or gold liner. The print is then mounted on top of the liner.

Page frames are available in white, ivory, black, or charcoal. (Ivory and black are the most popular!) 

Each page is stitched into the binding. 


Digital Albums

Our Digital Album has all the same qualities and is manufactured exactly the same as our Mounted Albums. To make an album more economical the page mat is created digitally with the appearance of a bevel. Digital prints are mounted flush on each page. We often see people touching the print and bevel area to see if it is all actually a print or real matting!

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