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High School Senior Portrait Specials



Check out our FAQs Page for everything you need to know about your Senior Portrait. 

Students and parents have been commenting how fun the sessions are and how great the images come out. In fact, many seniors have come from all around Long Island and paid our regular portrait prices for over 25 years. Each year we show such variety and creativity in our images that we produce many wall portraits and even coffee table books of the images taken during senior portrait studio sessions. Images with such variety and creativity can only be produced in a professional studio setting with proper time, lighting equipment, props, and an experienced professional photographer. There simply isn’t the time or the resources to create such images at the school!


We have created special packages and pricing for High School Seniors! However, we can only afford to offer these drastically reduced prices for portraits taken during July and August. Portrait sessions start at only $24.95. Packages start at $59.95.

Check out our Senior Portrait Slide Show

See what portraits at Peter M. Budraitis Photography can look like. All portraits were taken inside our state-of-the-art studio.



To best prepare you for taking your yearbook photo / senior portrait we have put together everything you need to know right here. It may seem like a lot of information, but hey, having your senior portrait taken is a big deal! It's likely to be one of the most monumental portraits taken in your lifetime.

Taking care of being photographed for your yearbook/senior portrait is an easy two-step process!

Step ONE - Choose Your Photo Session:

High School Graduation is one of the few milestones when one takes the opportunity to have a truly great portrait created of themselves that goes beyond the yearly school pictures. Around most of the United States, having a Senior Portrait created is a right of passage. Our goal is to give you the very best opportunity to have some of the finest images created of you to celebrate this special milestone in your life. For many people, this will be one of very few professional portraits they will have created in their adult lifetime. Take this opportunity to make the most of it. You won’t regret it!


*Additional time prior to your Prestige VIP session is allocated for hair and makeup.

Option 1 - The Mini Session


This mini senior portrait session is available to all High School Seniors for a special price of $24.95. This is a quick-paced mini-session where approximately 15 minutes is allocated per student. A few yearbook-style images will be created and a few cap and gown photos will be created. Some causal images may be created as well. A selection of previews will be sent home to choose your yearbook photo from as well as place an order for any additional prints. If you feel you are not comfortable in front of the camera and may need a little extra time to be photographed, we highly recommend the Standard Session.

Please arrive early for a mini session, sessions start at a scheduled time. Late arrivals may require rescheduling.

Option 2 - The Standard Session

Up to a full hour is allocated to create a more relaxed session with a much greater variety of poses and images for you to choose from, resulting in a more personalized portrait session with better expressions.

This session expands upon the images that would be created during a Mini Economy Session. The additional time also allows you time to relax, get more comfortable in front of the camera and includes the ability to review images as they are taken to provide feedback on posing and expressions. Bringing a change of clothes and props such as sports equipment or an instrument is encouraged (see “What to Bring” below). You can even bring a friend or family member!

• It’s easier to relax and get comfortable in front of the camera
• You may review images as they are captured and provide feedback during session
• You are photographed at a much more relaxed pace
• Receive a larger quantity of various creative poses
• There is time for a greater selection of backgrounds
• More images captured of each pose giving you a greater selection to choose from
• Clothing changes are allowed and encouraged
• May bring props such as an instrument or sports equipment
• You may be photographed with a friend or family member

Even if you don't want to bring a change of clothes to your session, the Stanard Session allows for more time and a greater selection of images.

Here are some of the images created in our studio during Class of 2016 Standard and Prestige Sesions (click image for larger view):

This session is available for only $49.95. That’s a savings of $65.00 off our regular $125.00 session fee! Session fee must be paid in advance prior to day of session. 



Option 3 - Prestige VIP Session with Hair Styling and Makeup Application

Prepare to be spoiled!

This session brings the super model experience to every girl. It begins with a makeover that includes hairstyling and a professional makeup application by a certified cosmetologist. After hair and makeup, this session expands on the Standard Studio Session described above and lasts up to 90 minutes (not including makeup application time).

This session requires a prepaid session fee of $99.95. That’s a savings of $125.00 off the $225.00 normal session fee that includes hair styling and makeup application. Session subject to availability.

If you want to be a little spoiled and pampered and have your hair and makeup look absolutely perfect, this is the session for you.



Step TWO - Schedule Your Appointment

Please review the session options above before calling for your appointment.

When scheduling your appointment, please do not hesitate to discuss any particular concerns you have about being photographed. Personal service and attention to your concerns is our highest priority!

We only have a limited number of sessions available. Sessions are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don't delay! Call to schedule your appointment now. You may schedule your appointment by calling our studio at 516-674-0227.

What To Bring To Your Session

Our Mini Session doesn't allow for enough time for clothing changes, so all you need to bring is yourself and a smile!

Our Standard Session and Prestige Session are a whole different story!

After your yearbook and cap and gown images are created, this is an opportunity to have some great, professional studio-style images created that reflect your personality. Think about bringing some props or extra clothing to allow you and your photographer to get more creative. If you bring a selection of clothing we’ll help you pick out what will work best in your photos.

Here are some suggestions on what to bring to your Standard or Prestige Photo Session:

• Sports equipment - tennis racquet, bats, balls, lacrosse sticks, etc.
• Sportswear and/or team uniform (bring accessories!)
• Formal wear such as a gown, tux or suit
• Casual wear - jeans, t-shirt, shorts, etc.
• Musical instruments - drums, guitars, horns, etc.
• Dance costumes
• Swimwear (we have outdoor/beach backgrounds and props)
• A friend or family member


Looking Your Best

During your portrait, please be sure to advise us if you are an Honor Student so that we may photograph you with a gold honor stole during your cap and gown images. If you are thinking about something really wild and crazy with your hair, you may want to wait until after your portrait session. (You probably realize that wild and crazy will not be your hair style very long.) Please be sure to discuss with us any particular concerns you have about being photographed.

Finding Our Studio

MiniMapWe are located at 5 Dosoris Way in Glen Cove. Dosoris Way runs between Forest Avenue and Walnut Road. We are three doors up from the Locksmith on the Corner of Dosoris Way and Forest Avenue and are across from the Piano Exchange on the opposite corner.

Arriving For Your Appointment

Please be sure to arrive early. To accommodate all of the seniors, appointments are often scheduled closely together. If you show up late, we may not have enough time for your portrait, especially if you scheduled a Mini Session, and we will be forced to reschedule your appointment. Please do not put us in the awkward position of asking you to reschedule your appointment due to lateness![Top of page]

Rescheduling, Cancellations, and No-Shows

Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you can not make your scheduled appointment. 

About Your Previews

A selection of previews will be created from your portrait session. You should receive these previews in the mail 2 - 4 weeks after your session. If, after 4 weeks, you have not received your previews, please contact our studio. The number of preview images you receive depends on the photo session you choose.

Ordering Prints, Packages and Frames

When you receive your previews you will be given the opportunity to order prints. We have a number of packages available for Glen Cove High School Graduates at a substantial savings from our regular studio prices. With your previews, you will receive ordering instructions and a catalog of available packages, frames and more.

Photo Retouching

All images ordered are color-balanced and retouched for the removal of minor blemishes, correction of skin-tone and softening of shadows. Enhanced retouching services are available for a fee and will be outlined in your ordering information. These services include removal of braces, tan lines, eyeglass glare, extreme blemishes and oily skin glare.

Please note: Basic retouching does not include fly-away hair, tan lines, facial hair, or oily skin. Arrive early and check your appearance before your session Be sure to check out the “Looking Your Best”!

Check out our FAQs Page for everything you need to know about your Senior Portrait. 

Check out our FAQs Page for Ordering Your Senior Portraits

[View a slideshow of our Senior Portraits]