20140526 Memorial Day Parade IMG 8337-EditNothing gets me more in the mood for summer than the annual Glen Cove Memorial Day Parade! It's as if all the sounds of the music and crouds are screeming "Summer is finally here!" I've been photographing it regularly since the early 90s. Each year Keving Horton gives me the entire centerfold of the Gold Coast Gazette for a collage of photographs. One of the best thing about creating the collage myself is that I get to choose what photos are displayed and how they are displayed. I admit I am a little predjudiced to friends and family as I'm photographing and selecting my photos for the paper. But, that's the big perk for doing all the work. After all, contrary to the belief of many, I don't get paid for photographing the parade or for the photos that go into the paper. I just love doing it and seeing friends marching and along the way of the parade route. So, next time you see me marching along the parade route taking pictures, be sure to say hi!

Here's the 2015 Photo Collage that appeared in the Gold Coast Gazette - Click on an area to zoom in!