First Communion Portraits

First Holy Communion Portraits by Peter M. BudraitisPeter Budraitis has become a well respected source throughout the tri-state area for the creation of First Holy Communion Portraits. His extremely diverse selection of backgrounds compliment his artistic and expressive posing and lighting of children about the celebrate thier First Holy Communion.

Peter M. Budraitis Photography has designed and built a website dedicated soley to First Holy Communion Portraits.



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How can we hold onto those fleeting moments in our lives? Hold onto the moments that otherwise evaporate into the forgotten past? Or moments that become faded and morphed into our own version of reality as they sit in the corners of our memories, losing their truth and shifting focus? The only way to hold onto these moments and share them for years to come, in all their beauty and truth and glorious imperfections, without losing accuracy is through a photograph.

― Rosanne Moreland