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Frequently Asked Questions - GCHS Senior Orders

FAQs - GCHS Senior Orders

To meet tight yearbook deadlines, we must have your yearbook selection within 5 days of your having received your previews. After that time we may be forced to make a selection for you using our best judgement and 20+ years of portrait experience. Images are submitted directly to the yearbook by our studio.

We create a specially formatted digital file that is submitted directly to the yearbook staff. If you  placed an order or paid for retouching the yearbook image, we will retouch the file that is sent to the yearbook. Otherwise, we correct the image for color and exposure and submit the un-retouched image.

If you don't place an order, or give us your yearbook selection, we simply pick an appropriate image of you using our best judgment and 20+ years of portrait experience. Your image will be adjusted for color and exposure and then submitted un-retouched directly to the yearbook by our studio.

You may still place an order at a later date.

Yearbook images are retouched at no charge with any order that is placed, even if you are not ordering a print of the yearbook image. If you would like your yearbook image retouched and you are not placing an order or are not yet ready to place an order, you may have it retouched for $15.00. This $15.00 may then be applied toward a future order.

If you do not place an order, do not pay for having the yearbook image retouched, or simply never give us a yearbook image, your image will be corrected for color and exposure and submitted to the yearbook staff un-retouched.

All prints are balanced for color and exposure and retouched for removal minor blemishes, correction of skin-tone, and softening of shadows and lines.

We also offer additional retouching services. Please refer to the Senior Portrait Catalog for fees regarding these services.

The following services are offered on a per image basis:

  • Retouch extensive blemishes and/or oily skin
  • Remove braces
  • Remove tan lines
  • Flyaway hair removed
  • Remove stud earrings
  • Remove eyeglass glare
  • Remove moles or minor scars
  • Whiten teeth

Each package clearly specifies the number of images you may select to be included in your order. The number is in red right under the package heading.

For example:

Package# 1
Includes 5 image selections

When putting your ofer together, this is how many images you may split amoung your prints.

However, you may add additional image selections to your package for $10.00 each, thereby increasing the number images you may select for your package. In other words, if your package only includes 1 image selection, for $10.00 more it can include 2 images to select from. You may add as many additional images to your package as you desire. You may also add additional prints to your package!

Please keep in mind 5x7s must be ordered in sets of two, 4x5s must be ordered in sets of 4, and wallets must be ordered in sets of 8. As such, if your package contains 4 5x7s and allows for at least 2 image selections, you may split the 5x7s into two images. However, if you package   only contains 2 5x7s they can not be split.

Absolutly! If you are ordering a package, refer to the "Add Additional Prints To Any Package" section of the catalog. You may then split any image selections among these print also.

Yes, prints may be ordered A La Carte without ordering a package. Refere to the A La Cart Prints section of the Senior Portrait Catalog.

Yes, you may place an order with a depost of as little as $20.00. You may then make payments as often as you wish. We will periodically send out statements to outstanding orders. If you place an order with a deposit, your yearbook photo will automatically be retouched at no charge. 

Please keep in mind, print orders are not put into production until the order is paid in full.

Finished orders are availble for pickup in approximately 6 - 8 weeks after final payment is made. You will be notified when your order is ready for pickup.

Please keep in mind, print orders are not put into production until full payment is made.

Yes, we are more than happy to assist you with selecting your images and placing your order.

Our studio is very conveniently located in downtown Glen Cove. We'd be more than happy to sit down with you and offer assistance.

We do hold onto the images at least through your senior year and typically much longer than that. While it's seldem too late to place an order, we can not always offer orders placed late at the original prices offered.

Prices are only guarenteed until December 31st of your senior year.

There may also be archival fees for orders placed from previous years to restore the images that have been moved to long-term storeage.

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