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Frequently Asked Questions - GCHS Yearbook Portraits

FAQs - GCHS Yearbook Portraits
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Yes, the school has made arrangements for Seniors to be photographed at the school by a typical school photographer.

For the past 7 years Peter M. Budraitis Photography has been the official senior photographer for Glen Cove High School creating beautiful Senior Portraits in our state-of-the-art studio conveniently located in downtown Glen Cove. For reasons not made known to us and without any communication to us what so ever, the yearbook advisor, Arlene Munson (the librarian), has apparently decided to have the pictures created in the school during school hours.

Since Mrs. Munson has neglected to return our phone calls, we can only assume the senior portraits will be taken by the same photographer that does the underclass photos. Earlier in the school year Mrs. Munson expressed that she doesn't see the value in having a professional “Studio” portrait taken. In fact, she actually stated to me “Why do they need a studio portrait? They [the students] have the rest of their life to have a portrait taken.”

We disagree! Every senior needs to have a professional senior portrait taken. Even if you have your yearbook photo taken in school, you can still come in to us to have a beautiful professional senior portrait created.

The New York State Commisioner of Education ruled that a school may not compel you to have your portrait taken at any particular photographer for it to appear in the yearbook. We will submit an appropriate professional, retouched image taken in our studio directly to the school for you, FREE with any print purchase.

We've been creating Senior Portraits for students accross Long Island for over 25 years. We have never had a problem submitting photos taken at our studio for students from Glen Cove and elsewere who were very unhappy with the photos taken at the school by the school photographer.

Should ANYONE tell you they will not accept an appropriate Senior Portrait Yearbook Image from our studio, please call us immediately. They would be in violation of the Commissioner of Educaion's ruling.  We are prepared to explore all remedies allowed under the law to ensure compliance with the Commisioner's ruling.

Here is an excerpt of the ruling from New York State Commissioner of  Education: “Students may not be compelled to use a designated photographer to have their photographs included in a yearbooK” (Matter of Puls, 18 Ed Dept Rep 530; Matter of Puls, 17 id. 324).”  See full ruling here:

High School Graduation is one of the few milestones when one takes the opportunity to have a truly great portrait created of themselves that goes beyond the yearly school pictures. Around most of the United States, having a Senior Portrait created is a right of passage. Our goal is to give you the very best opportunity to have some of the finest images created of you to celebrate this special milestone in your life. For many people, this will be one of very few professional portraits they will have created in their adult lifetime. Take this opportunity to make the most of it. You won’t regret it!

Here's a comparison chart of the various sessions we currently offer:


See details about the different sessions by visiting our Senior Portrait Information Page.

Did you receive our Senior Portrait Guide?
Stop by our studio to pick up a copy or click here to request a Digital Copy


Contact as soon as possible, we will set up a new appointment for you as time permits.

Senior portraits are scheduled to be taken during July and August and are taken at our Glen Cove Studio on Dosoris WaySeniors are NOT photographed at the high school during the school year!

You may schedule your appointment by calling our studio at 516-674-0227.

Until August 12th you may also schedule your appointment through our on-line scheduling system [Click here]. After August 12th you must give us a call for session availability.

Please review the types of sessions available before scheduling your appointment.

Note: If you schedule your appointment during the very end of August options for re-scheduling will be extremely limited.

When scheduling your appointment, please do not hesitate to discuss any particular concerns you have about being photographed. Personal service and attention to your concerns is our highest priority!


The school has requested that boys be photographed in a jacket and tie, and that girls be photographed in similarly formal attire.

Additionally, we have caps and gowns in the GCHS colors. During your portrait, please be sure to advise us if you are an Honor Student so that we may photograph you with a gold honor stole during your cap and gown images.

If you are thinking about something really wild and crazy with your hair, you may want to wait until after your portrait session. (You probably realize that wild and crazy will not be your hair style very long.) Please be sure to discuss with us any particular concerns you have about being photographed.


Our Mini Session doesn’t allow for enough time for clothing changes or many creative poses so, all you need to bring is yourself and a smile!

Our Standard Session and Prestige Session are a whole different story! After your yearbook and cap and gown images are created, this is an opportunity to have some great, professional studio-style images created that reflect your personality. Think about bringing some props or extra clothing to allow you and your photographer to get more creative. If you bring a selection of clothing we’ll help you pick out what will work best in your photos.

Here are some suggestions on what to bring to your Standard or Prestige Photo Session:

• Sports equipment - tennis racquet, bats, balls, lacrosse sticks, etc.
• Sportswear and/or team uniform (bring accessories!)
• Formal wear such as a gown, tux or suit
• Casual wear - jeans, t-shirt, shorts, etc.
• Musical instruments - drums, guitars, horns, etc.
• Dance costumes
• Swimwear (we have outdoor/beach backgrounds and props)
• A friend or family member


Previously the school has always requested that all the boys wear a jacket and tie for their yearbook image. We would assume they would wish to maintain the same level of dignity in the yearbook as before. It would be our strong recommendation that the boys wear a Jacket and Tie for at least some of the images.

While we may have a tie to lend out, we don't have jackets. We would suggest borrowing a jacket from a friend or relative for your appointment. Don't worry, it doesn't have to fit perfectly to look good in the photograph. We can make a jacket that's a little tight or loose look fine.

No, it's really not appropriate and not reccomended for your yearbook image. Because of the cropping of the photo, a strapless dress may not be visible in the final image.

Our Standard Senior Session and our Prestige VIP Session do allow for changes of clothing. During those sessions you may certainly change to have some images captured in a variety of outfits.

Yes, we have Caps & Gowns in Glen Cove's colors. After we take the yearbook images we will take some images in a Cap and Gown. In Glen Cove, the boys wear a green cap & gown, the girls wear white ones. We do have gold "Honor" stoles available as well.

Believe it or not, this is often a question that comes up. Usually, too late. Yes! In some of the close-up photos your fingernails may show. Please remove any chipped polish and make sure nails are clean and well groomed.


All images ordered are color-balanced and retouched for the removal of minor blemishes, correction of skin-tone and softening of shadows. Enhanced retouching services are available for a fee and will be outlined in your ordering information. These services include removal of braces, tan lines, eyeglass glare, extreme blemishes and oily skin glare.

Basic retouching of your yearbook pose is free with any order. If you are not ordering any prints, your yearbook photo may be retouched for a small fee. That fee may be applied toward any future order.

Please note: Basic retouching does not include fly-away hair, tan lines, facial hair, or oily skin. Arrive early and check your appearance before your session.


Please try to create your appointment around your schedule. We offer both morning and afternoon appointment times. I have personally spoken to many local employers and school coaches. I have yet to meet one who is not understanding of the need to have a once-in-a-lifetime senior portrait created. Simply explain to your coach or employer, they are sure to be understanding.

If you have an un-avoidable conflict, please give us a least 24 hour notice. 

Don't worry! I hear this one a lot. Usually people hate the way they smile in pictures because they are usually "forced" smiles. In our studio we work to get you to relax and give a pleasent expression naturally. Many people compliment me by saying "Wow! You made it easy." 

If you really don't think you will feel comfortable in front of the camera, you may wish to avoid scheduling the faster paced Mini Economy Session. The other sessions allow for more time to relax and get compfortable in front of the camera. You also have more time to review your images as we are capturing them. 

After your session you wll be sent home a set of previews from the images we created during your session. After you receive your previews you may select which image will appear in the yearbook. You will also have an opportunity to buy prints at a special price for Glen Cove High School Seniors. 

Any sessions that require a pre-payment must be paid as soon as possible in order to guarentee the appointment date and time. We generally allow 2 - 3 days after an appoinment has been made for you to make payment arrangements. After that time, if you have not made a payment arrangement, your appointment date and time will remain active, however it may be made available to others for scheduling.

Pre-payment means before the day of your appointment. It does not mean showing up for you session without having made a payment and expecting to pay just prior to your session. The pre-payment is to RESERVE the date and time for your session.

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