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Girl's Tips To Look Your Best


Guys will be wearing a jacket and tie. Girls should dress in similarly formal attire.

Try to select clothing that is not too trendy. Trendy styles will look out of fashion next year. Large bold brand names on clothing will definitely look out of style in a year or two. Try to select solid, subtle colors for most clothing. In most poses you should avoid stripes, plaids and patterns in your clothing. 

For traditional head and shoulders poses, long sleeve or ¾ sleeve dressy clothing works best and makes you look slimmer. Short sleeves or sleeveless clothing will always emphasize your arms, especially in close-up poses and should be avoided, especially for your head and shoulder yearbook pose. Very few girls/women can get away with sleeveless shirts in photos! 

Strapless or low cut tops are not appropriate for yearbook poses. Please, no denim!
Be sure your shoes go with each outfit. If you wear sandals, check out your toenails. Please make sure the color of your undergarments matches the color of your outer clothing, especially when the outer clothing is light or white. There is no time to change clothes during a Mini Session. If you wish to bring a change of clothes, schedule a Standard or Supermodel session.

Face and Skin

Be sure your face is clean and shine free. Oily skin will cause your skin to have a glare on it. Slight skin glare can be softened but retouching this will be additional. A flat powder can also work wonders on shiny skin. Make-up should be worn like you would wear it for a nice evening out – not too heavy and make sure your make-up color blends in with your natural skin tone. If you have a blemish, we can flawlessly remove it with retouching. Please do not try to cover it up with extra make-up. Avoid sunburn and tanning too much prior to the session. Try to even out any tan lines that may show in the portraits.

Hair and Nails

Fingernails may be shown in some poses. Be sure to have your nails done or remove chipped polish. If you want to wear your hair in a couple of different styles during an extended session, please come in with your hair in the most complicated, or time consuming style first. This will let you use your portrait time in front of the camera instead of in the dressing room. Be sure to check for “frizzies” and BEFORE your session.