Guy's Tips To Look Your Best


A jacket and tie is required for the boys for the yearbook pose. However, not all pictures need to be taken in the jacket and tie. The jacket doesn’t have to fit perfectly, it just needs to appear in the yearbook closeup. If you don’t know how to tie a tie, don’t worry, we can help! (FYI, there are also some great tie-tying instructionals on YouTube!)

Face and Skin

Be sure your face is clean and shine free. Oily skin will cause your skin to have a glare on it. Slight skin glare can be softened but retouching this will be additional. A flat powder can also work wonders on shiny skin. Just be sure the color blends in with your natural skin tone. Avoid sunburn and tanning too much prior to the session. Unless you want your beard to show, be sure you shave just prior to your portrait session. Watch for razor burn – don’t try to shave too close. We do not remove stubble (unshaven look) as part of standard retouching.

Hair & Nails

Haircuts just before your portrait session are not a bad thing, unless you wear your hair “very” short. In that case, you may want to time your haircut so it is at least a week before your portrait. Be careful that short haircuts right before a session don’t reveal unwanted tan lines near the hair. Some close-up shots may show the hands. Be sure fingernails are trimmed and clean.


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