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"Capturing Moments, Crafting Memories: The Artistic Odyssey of a Photographic Craftsman - From Intimate Family Portraits to Aerial Splendor, Celebrity Encounters, and the Pulse of Photojournalism"

Professional Photographer Peter M Budraitis Blog Post Entries

Magzine Cover of Multihull Sailor From The Air

Aerial Photographer Peter M Budraitis Photographing the annual Around Long Island

Throughout my career, my images have found their places on the covers of numerous magazines, periodicals, and publications, each project bringing its own set of challenges and rewards. Yet, there are those rare assignments that stand out, not just for the recognition they garner, but for the sheer joy and excitement they bring to the photographic process. Such was the case with one of my most memorable shoots — the ALIR (Around Long Island Regatta). This annual sailing regatta is a spectacle of skill and endurance, where sailboats set off from the Rockaways, circumnavigate Long Island past the iconic Montauk Lighthouse, and return to the welcoming arms of the Sea Cliff Yacht Club.

Working With Portrait Painter, Tom Mason

Tom Mason, a talented actor-turned-artist from Locust Valley, initially visited my studio, drawn by our reputation for capturing high-resolution images of artwork. Commissioned for exquisite paintings, Tom needed top-quality reproductions of his creations before handing them over to his clients. It wasn’t long before he began utilizing my studio as a creative workshop, where his visionary paintings took their first breath.2015 09 25 Newsday Tom Mason 2

From Adversity to Hope: A Journey Through Darkness and Light

2013 01 Gold Coast Gazette Issue 22 January 31 2013 2The year 2012 will forever be etched in my memory as a period fraught with challenges and heartache. It was a year that tested the limits of my family's strength and resilience, starting with the profound losses we faced — the passing of my beloved mother and my father-in-law. These events alone were enough to make 2012 a year we wished to move past swiftly. However, life had more in store for us.After relocating my photography studio from its home of a decade on Forest Avenue to a new location, I found myself, barely a year later, forced to move once again. The task of rebuilding everything from scratch — from the camera room where I capture moments of joy and sorrow, to the presentation room where these moments are shared and celebrated — was daunting. 2012 seemed to linger longer than welcomed, each day a reminder of the trials we had endured.