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Photo Restoration Info and Examples

Have you come across an old image? Whatever shape your image is in, we may be able to help you restore it to better-than-new condition.

Restorations - Recover your beloved images from your past. From minor retouching to major damage repair.

Copies - Have an old image that is in good shape and you just need a copy? We can do that too!

Coloring - Turn those old black & white images into colored masterpieces.

Manipulations - Swapping out backgrounds, removing people or objects in a photo.

How it works: Bring your photo to our studio. We will create a high-resolution digital master image file of your image using our in-house professional scanners or cameras. Your original photo never leaves our studio and may be returned to you immediately after we make the digital copy! After we have created a digital file of your photo we will give you an estimate for the work you are looking to have done. Upon your approval, we begin the work. After the restoration is complete copy print mays be made of the restored image. The price of copy prints will reflect the size and quantity desired. All work is fully guaranteed. 

"We can work miracles!"
Sadly, this was the only photograph this client had of his Mom and Dad together before his Mom passed away. As you can see, over the years it had become badly damaged with creases, deterioration and tape marks. Using what little features of the couple were visible, we were able to perform a miracle reconstruction and restoration of this most valued treasure of a photo.
Retouch-lloyd2 Retouch-lloyd1
Do you have a treasured photo that you had given up hope on?
Bring it in!  
Let us work a miracle for you.

Below are some samples of after-restoration and before. Place the mouse over the image to enlarge it.

Please note: Our studio will not copy images that are protected by copyright laws.